PhD Program in Design


Fátima São Simão


Fátima São Simão is Executive Coordinator for UPTEC PINC, the Creative Industries Centre of the University of Porto’s Science and Technology Park (UPTEC), currently supporting the development of over 30 creative start-ups, from Architecture to Design, Audiovisual and Communication.

Fátima is also the Executive Manager of futureplaces – Digital Media and Local Cultures, the UTAustin-Portugal Colab Digital Media hub for creative citizenship. and a Board member of the Design Department at the School of Arts of U.Porto. Additionally, Fátima is currently engaged with CEdUP (the University’s Entrepreneurship Club), Moving Cause, Sem Palco and Riot Films.

Fátima was born in Porto, where she studied at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto. She has also lived in Italy and in the UK, where she completed her MA in Cultural Policy and Management, at City University of London.

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