PhD Program in Design


Interaction and Communication Paradigms in the Digital Press Era

Hybrid design publishing: new interaction, communication and storytelling paradigms

Sandra Cruz
Suprevisor: Vasco Branco


This project seeks to analyse the evolution and transition from a traditional editorial design to a new design adequate for interactive digital publishing media, with the intent of improving the reading experience in digital format. The aim is to find possible solutions for the construction of new narratives that promote a symbiotic relationship between media, by analysing how interactivity, information visualization, emotional communication and real-time access to accredited information sources could contribute towards increasing information literacy while maintaining brand value.

In the information age, the press industry has the potential to create new forms of storytelling, where experience design can contribute towards creating simple and natural interactions with digital devices, resulting in an increase in information literacy.

Methodological approaches include action research, towards a prototype for a hybrid design magazine, towards the exploration of new forms of interactive layouts, using augmented reality, to strengthen the relationship between paper and digital formats.

This research is being funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), co-financed by POPH/FSE, UE (SFRH/BD/78213/2011).

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