PhD Program in Design


e=mc¹² playground

e=mc¹² playground dedicated to Pioneers in Active Citizenship of Miragaia

Olga Glumac 


The local community of Miragaia in Porto seems like an ecosystem: it is living for and by its own mechanisms, exposed to external factors with resistance of acceptance and social change.

It functions in a broken way: of being caught in the difficult paradox of resembling a tourist postcard of itself but again it bears loss of prudence. Within this community, there are challenges and obstacles for meaningful youth participation.

e=mc¹² playground is an action research with a highly participatory approach that unites twelve Miragaia’s pupils, aged between 13 and 15, with students of art and design in Porto. Closely working together for, with and by young people, they will support designing interactive the processes of development and implementation of e=mc¹² playground in EB Miragaia.

The main aim of this project is to develop new learning methodologies and tools within a playground, that will capacity build the competences of students in their local context in the field of Youth Participation and Active Citizenship. By triggering active participation, the expected outcome is to reinforce and catalyze the dynamics of youth in loco. By changing the conditions of the environment, creativity will be enhanced and creative education supported.

The Core group will be invited to take a lead into analyzing the needs and challenges of this youth and develop potential solutions based on those needs, working side by side with other members of the community and external partners of the project. During this process, we will scrutinize all the aspects in which Design can contribute for a participatory posture in society.

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