PhD Program in Design


De/Re-Construction of Gender Performativity through Self-Representation

Ece Canli

How can design, as a means of constructing performativities and identities, function to subvert heteronormativity through individual representations?
The notion of gender that is built by patriarchal state power and social canons is forcedly performed by “non-males” of society which are subjugated in certain gender norms that exclude them from the political realm and social participation. This research aims to contribute to emancipation of genderly oppressed groups via using design to establish new mediums for their self-representation and for de-construction of taken-for-granted performative gender.

Design, as a discipline that has visual, virtual and artefactual instruments of representation, entails to be utilized as a public good and to contribute to obliterate gender-based oppression. This research will use design as a tool along with the methods collective narratives as a form of storytelling through different media and self-documentation by participants in workshop series. Participants’ experiences and expressions to create their both individual and collective agency will be compiled both in a virtual and physical platform as a public intervention.
Keywords: Collective Narratives, Design as Politics, Gender Performativity, Self-representation

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