PhD Program in Design


Arraial Echoes

“Arraial” Echoes: Possible Design contributions in the systematization, appreciation and communication of the cultural representations existing in the “Arraial do Pavulagem”, Belém, Pará.

Dula Lima
Supervisor: Heitor Alvelos

imagem doutorado Dula

This project is in the process of mapping, interpreting and projecting the iconography in the “arrastões” integrated events in the Arraial do Pavulagem (AP)’s ritual, practiced in Belém (Brazil) since 1989. It is particularly focused on the representations conveyed in the allegories, by compositions, materials, colors, textures, and uses. The investigation, of a qualitative nature, occurs mostly through ethnographic methods: interviews, participant observation, data.

The present work follows up on prior work, “Patrimônio Imaterial como processo educativo: Arraial do Pavulagem”, whose results pointed AP as a contributor to the dissemination of Pará’s immaterial culture in the informal education field. It was largely identified AP’s aggregative and transmitter nature concerning traditional knowledge in a diverse set of issues.

As a result, it is expected to ascertain Design’s property as a contributor to the valorization and development of practical and feasible interventions, aggregating and communicating context, aesthetics, semantics and symbolic dimensions. And to render product narratives legible beyond exoticism.

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