PhD Program in Design


Advaita Vedanta

ADVAITA VEDANTA: Towards an Alternate Model of Design Philosophy

Abhishek Chatterjee

The research rational that governs this investigation puts the theory of Advaita (Non-Duality or Absolute Monism) into the context of design philosophy. The purpose is to compare Ancient Indic and Modern Western theory of design to arrive at an alternative model of Design Ideology.

The supposition that this thesis is based on bears the potential to reintroduce an elemental perspective in the collective consciousness towards notions of linearity in designed objects.

This research questions whether re-establishing Advaitic principles as corner-stones of a non-traditional design ideology can offer alternate solutions to current situation, and provide substance for evaluating the present from a position beyond its accepted logic.

The resultant insights are not intended to have a direct implicational connection with pure quality of designs, but to carry direct instrumental value.

To understand what one is doing, in contrast to how to do it can prove to be a valuable asset for any designer, more so for ones with a well-founded critical stance.

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