PhD Program in Design


A geometry of regeneration

A geometry of regeneration: Contribution of experimental creative action for the common space.  Case studies in the city of Porto.

Anselmo Canha


It is evident today a widespread feeling of a future that is narrow, single or even absent. More than the inevitability and formatting of everyday lifes, people feel the absence of positive and shareable alternatives. The idea of “possibility” is closed on images unable to overcome the stagnation we experience together. Or, more disturbing, those images promote the stagnation. The idea of “possibility”, creative territory, vanishes in its own simulation, on images or expressions that surround us.

In this proposal, it is argued that the interference of creative action in the common space must be questioned again, by experimenting on its pace, duration, quality and geometry. It is proposed that the pace is undefined, the duration is long, the qualities are variable, and the geometry is of proximity. It is intended to contribute to citizenship through proficiency of creative action, towards a more prolific and original state of a colective idea of “possibility”. It is taken as a path that this argument, proposal and intention will be achievable via a continuous practice of urban ethnography, able to generate new capacities of interpretation and action, returnable to the original environments and able to inspire related contexts.

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